Deaf Awareness Training

There are over 9 million people registered as hard of hearing in the UK today. Deaf awareness training is, therefore, crucial to meet the communication needs of these people.Ā 

Deaf Awareness Training

  • Identify the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing people faceĀ 
  • List the ways in which deaf and hard of hearing people communicateĀ 
  • Understand and demonstrate how to implement positive methods of communication, and offer an equal service to deaf and hard of hearing people.Ā 
  • Apply the finger-spelling alphabetĀ 
  • Explore the deaf community & cultureĀ 

Sign Language Courses

Signs4Life is an approved centre with the awarding body Signature for the Level 1 award in British Sign Language. We offer a 10-week accredited course to support communication which can also be tailored to your organisationā€™s needs. We currently work in the social care, healthcare, housing, education, public services, arts and culture, and corporate sectors.


Makaton is a language programme designed to provide a means of communication to individuals who cannot communicate efficiently by speaking.Ā 

  • Understand what Makaton is and how it developedĀ 
  • Be able to confidently finger-spell letters A-ZĀ 
  • Explore the benefits of MakatonĀ 
  • Study differences between BSL and MakatonĀ 
  • Use facial expressions, placement, and movement, when signing phrasesĀ 
  • You will also learn the signs and symbols for Makaton level 1 and 2.Ā 

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    Deaf Awareness

    Signs4Life is an approved centre with the awarding body Signature for the Level 1 Award in Deaf Awareness and Communication

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